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When You Want To Buy Manufacturing Machinery

Our role is to help companies just like yours find the used manufacturing machinery they need to boost production, bring component manufacturing in-house, improve quality, and boost on-time delivery performance. If it’s legal, we’ll deal with it – which makes us your go-to source for used deep draw transfer presses, HVAC equipment, grinders, headers, milling machines, lathes and so much more. Whether you need to replace an existing production or tool room item or you’re setting up shop for the very first time, we’ll help you get the machines you need at a price that makes sense.

Used Manufacturing Equipment Lathe and Metal Shavings

When You Want to Sell Manufacturing Machinery

We help companies just like yours find eager buyers for your unused or surplus manufacturing machinery. Free up floor space and realize the best possible price for your manufacturing machinery. Our clear, commission-based model means more money for you: Auctions are faster, but you’ll realize pennies on the dollar (if that!) for your machinery, while dealers low-ball you because they know they may need to hold onto inventory quite a while before getting paid. With us, you keep possession of your machine until it’s sold and you’ve been paid – a simple, stress-free, money-making process.

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RunReady Turn-Key Machinery

Simple, smart used manufacturing machinery procurement

Boost production and ensure consistently superior quality with GreasyMachine’s RunReady Turn-Key Projects. You give us your part print, annual quantity and target cost. We will find the appropriate machine, have it tooled, make samples and provide needed training. Manufacturing Experts: Consulting & Guidance Our RunReady Turn-Key program is truly full service. We consult with you to understand your objectives, draw on our collective expertise and network of experienced industry engineers and advisors to help you find the machine that’s right for your company. We’re committed partners who will stay with you throughout the project,  providing assistance with translations, customs clearance and other logistical issues as needed. You’re never alone when you choose GreasyMachines.