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Engineer Operating Bridgeport Mill

Bridgeport Mills: What Lasting Quality Really Means

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Manufacturing guys aren’t supposed to be sentimental. We’re meant to have an engineer’s view of the world – analytical, logical, driven by the facts and nothing else. And for the most part, we are! But everyone’s got a soft spot, and ours just happens to be for Bridgeport Milling Machines.

If you’re reading this blog regularly, the odds are pretty good that we don’t need to explain what the Bridgeport name means. Just as people say “Kleenex” to refer to any facial tissue, “Bridgeport” is synonymous with milling machines.

The first Bridgeport milling machine was built in 1939. In the 75 years that followed, there have been only minor design modifications, mainly to reduce the machine’s footprint and a few slight changes to the head configuration. The original Bridgeport design is so sensible that a person who graduated from tech school today who found themselves in front of a machine from 1940’s would have no trouble operating it. All the handles are still in the same place, and everything still works the same way.

There are countless Bridgeport mills still at work throughout the world today. Many of the Bridgeports we see as used manufacturing machinery brokers are from the 1960’s through the 1990’s. These robust machines have long useful lives ahead of them, and deliver tremendous value for the price. We’re lucky enough to have a strong working relationship with two former Bridgeport employees who now provide excellent refurbishment and repair services as needed to these great machines.

If you’re in the market for a used milling machine, there’s not a brand we can recommend more strongly than the Bridgeport. Check here to see the used industrial equipment we’re currently representing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us. We’ll find it for you. That’s what we do!