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Considering a Refurbished Used Bridgeport? The Top 4 Questions You Need To Ask

Manufacturers love Bridgeport mills, particularly those machines that were made in Connecticut prior to 2002. Many of these mills have been in service two decades or more. Over the course of time and regular usage, it’s expected that some condition issues will arise, and that those issues will be addressed through prompt repair or refurbishment…. Read More »

When Is It Time to Replace Your Milling Machine?

Along with lathes, milling machines are the heart and soul of the tool room. These essential pieces of manufacturing machinery. We’d like for them to last forever, but realistically? They don’t. You’ll know it’s time to replace your milling machine when you can’t produce work to your acceptable tolerances anymore. There are characteristic wear marks… Read More »

Refurbished genuine Bridgeport mills

Most machinists agree that a refurbished Bridgeport mill is far superior to what are being sold as new machines these days.  New machines are built in the Far East and imported. GreasyMachines can source a totally refurbished Series One, Series One or Series Two Special manual or 2 or 3-axis CNC mill for the discriminating… Read More »