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Chinese Manufacturers May Be Cheaper in the Short Run

Perhaps you saw CBS 60 Minutes last Sunday (March 1) showing a story about some Lumber Liquidators laminated flooring and how it badly violates California formaldehyde emission standards.  The CEO of Lumber Liquidators vowed that he would be immediately on the case to verify CBS’s findings or to debunk them. Regardless of the outcome, Lumber… Read More »

The Reshoring of America

  I would like to recommend a group to you.  It’s www.reshorenow.org This group was founded in 2010 by Harry Moser, former chairman of Agie-Charmilles, and is dedicated to assisting companies to reshore their manufacturing back to the US. Their Facebook page carries links to current articles:  https://www.facebook.com/ReshoreNow.  I suggest that you like it.  They… Read More »

Reshore. Live Better?

If this is an accurate assessment of Walmart’s position, it is good news indeed.  Great big box store listening to my wife and others who refuse to buy things made in China. Reshore. Live Better? By now, you’re probably aware of Walmart’s 10-year, $250 billion pledge to source American-made goods for its U.S. stores. The… Read More »

Help bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA

Help bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by getting involved with the Reshoring Initiative. Sandy Montalbano Director of Media By way of the LinkedIn USA Manufacturers Group.  Check out the fifteen Reshoring presentations coming up in the next 4 months. Includes events in ON, IL, PA, NH, KY, WI, SC, CA, NY, TX…. Read More »

Let’s level the playing field

Attention all US Manufacturers: Lets have a “Fair Fight” shall we? It’s one thing to compete with countries that have lower labor costs. It’s another thing to compete with countries that purposely keep their currency undervalued to maintain their growth and keep their economy going. Let’s do something about it by calling your local and… Read More »