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Big Win for American Footwear Manufacturers

Picked up this article from SME’s Daily executive briefings which came from a Roll Call commentary. My personal opinion on this piece. It is only common sense that our military is clothed and supplied by USA manufacturers. Anyways, I found it encouraging, hope you do also. http://www.rollcall.com/news/a_big_win_for_american_manufacturers_commentary-232680-1.html  

Reshore. Live Better?

If this is an accurate assessment of Walmart’s position, it is good news indeed.  Great big box store listening to my wife and others who refuse to buy things made in China. Reshore. Live Better? By now, you’re probably aware of Walmart’s 10-year, $250 billion pledge to source American-made goods for its U.S. stores. The… Read More »

Private sector adds 216,000 in February

Private sector adds 216,000 jobs in February By Annalyn Censky @CNNMoney March 7, 2012: 9:34 AM ET   NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Hiring in the private sector picked up in February, according to a report released Wednesday by payroll processor ADP.Private employers added 216,000 jobs in the month, ADP said, roughly in line with forecasts… Read More »