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Listing Your Used Manufacturing Machinery for Sale on GreasyMachines is Simple & Fast

Did you know you can list your surplus and underutilized manufacturing machinery for sale on the GreasyMachines website?  It’s a simple, straightforward and efficient way to transform the gear you’re not using into cash! You set your own price, too! Here’s how it works: First, register for a GreasyMachines account. We collect basic information, including your… Read More »

Calling All OEM Sellers

Many sales people representing Original Equipment Manufacturers  (OEMs) look at used equipment brokers as competitors.  However, we can be your friend. Consider the following scenario.  You, the OEM seller,  have a customer all enthused about buying your brand new machine but they say (as you have heard many times before), if I had the money from this one or if I had… Read More »

What does “Old” mean anyway?

What does “Old” mean anyway when it comes to machinery? During a conversation with someone yesterday, something was said to me that I have heard countless times. “That is a very old machine.” In fact, I have even employed this tactic myself when purchasing used vehicles or lawn equipment for instance. However, I take issue… Read More »