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Somebody’s Going to Clean Up With This Deal: Amazing Price on a Spray-Immersion Parts Washer

In a perfect world, all of the components we use to manufacture products would be perfectly clean right from the get go, with no worries about dust, grease, grime or other contaminants slowing production down. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and that’s why we need parts washers. This week, we’re turning the… Read More »

4 Reasons American Manufacturing Is Looking Bright

The recent celebration of National ManufacturingDay left many Americans feeling positive about the future of American manufacturing. Our domestic production has grown more rapidly than our European or Japanese competitors. The manufacturing jobs we have right now are good-paying jobs, putting, on average, $27 per hour into worker’s pockets (hourly wage is $27 per hour per… Read More »

Participating in the Manufacturing Machinery Renaissance Requires Having the Right Machines

Matthew Philips, writing for Bloomsburg Bloomburg Businessweek, tells us that the manufacturing renaissance may not be everything it’s cracked up to be. He points out that while increasing numbers of American manufacturers are re-shoring and the production costs in the Southeastern US are attractively low, job numbers aren’t rising at the same rate. Instead, as… Read More »

When Bringing Component Production In House Makes Sense: How To Get Started

There’s no feeling that’s quite as bad as opening a box full of components only to realize they’ve got some fatal flaw that makes them unusable…unless it’s opening a second or third box and discovering they’re all the same way. Your supply chain only has to hit a small snag for production to slow or… Read More »

What does “Old” mean anyway?

What does “Old” mean anyway when it comes to machinery? During a conversation with someone yesterday, something was said to me that I have heard countless times. “That is a very old machine.” In fact, I have even employed this tactic myself when purchasing used vehicles or lawn equipment for instance. However, I take issue… Read More »

RunReady Turn-Key projects

RunReady Turn-Key Projects  Are you buying a part that you think you could manufacture in house for less cost? Are you making a part in house but need added capacity? How about having quality problems with a purchased part? Check in with GreasyMachines with your part print, annual quantity and target cost.  We will find… Read More »

Get it while you can – the 2013 IRS section 179 deduction for equipment purchase.

At this moment in October 2013, the section 179 tax deduction is doing well for 2013. Even with the fiscal cliff and sequestration in place, the 100% deduction for 2013 can be at least $500,000 for items (including used machinery) purchased and put into service in 2013. Next is the new bonus deduction of 50%… Read More »

Manufacturing Technology opportunities in Connecticut

Applications for Fall 2013 admission are being taken at this time for the Manufacturing Machine Technology Program.   This curriculum is designed for graduates of traditional high schools is a full 50 weeks 40 hours per week. Modeled after the highly successful  offering at Asnuntuck Community College (Enfield) in 2011, the state’s three new Manufacturing Centers opened their… Read More »

Another turnkey eyelet project

GreasyMachines.com has arranged another eyelet turnkey project. This time it involves the purchase of a mid-sized Platarg transfer press with design and fabrication of the tooling to produce an aluminum lipstick component. Personnel from the intended manufacturing facility in India will spend time learning the ins and outs of running this part at the Connecticut… Read More »