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RunReady Turn-Key projects

RunReady Turn-Key Projects  Are you buying a part that you think you could manufacture in house for less cost? Are you making a part in house but need added capacity? How about having quality problems with a purchased part? Check in with GreasyMachines with your part print, annual quantity and target cost.  We will find… Read More »

Another turnkey eyelet project

GreasyMachines.com has arranged another eyelet turnkey project. This time it involves the purchase of a mid-sized Platarg transfer press with design and fabrication of the tooling to produce an aluminum lipstick component. Personnel from the intended manufacturing facility in India will spend time learning the ins and outs of running this part at the Connecticut… Read More »

Latin American turnkey project

Recently we were approached by a Latin American manufacturer who was interested in producing a variety of deep drawn metal components. They needed both transfer presses and tooling to produce the parts. In addition, their manufacturing personnel required training to operate these machines and to maintain tooling.GreasyMachines sourced a number of eyelet presses potentially suitable… Read More »