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Participating in the Manufacturing Machinery Renaissance Requires Having the Right Machines

Matthew Philips, writing for Bloomsburg Bloomburg Businessweek, tells us that the manufacturing renaissance may not be everything it’s cracked up to be. He points out that while increasing numbers of American manufacturers are re-shoring and the production costs in the Southeastern US are attractively low, job numbers aren’t rising at the same rate. Instead, as… Read More »

Do you know you can finance used equipment purchases?

Come to GreasyMachines for your used machine purchases and we will connect you with sources with whom you can work. They specialize in financing or leasing used manufacturing  equipment. [[image:Intech-logo.jpg|left]] They are IntechFunding.  They have been in business since 1938 and understand manufacturing equipment.  It’s their only business!       Great rates – All… Read More »

Calling All OEM Sellers

Many sales people representing Original Equipment Manufacturers  (OEMs) look at used equipment brokers as competitors.  However, we can be your friend. Consider the following scenario.  You, the OEM seller,  have a customer all enthused about buying your brand new machine but they say (as you have heard many times before), if I had the money from this one or if I had… Read More »

What does “Old” mean anyway?

What does “Old” mean anyway when it comes to machinery? During a conversation with someone yesterday, something was said to me that I have heard countless times. “That is a very old machine.” In fact, I have even employed this tactic myself when purchasing used vehicles or lawn equipment for instance. However, I take issue… Read More »

RunReady Turn-Key projects

RunReady Turn-Key Projects  Are you buying a part that you think you could manufacture in house for less cost? Are you making a part in house but need added capacity? How about having quality problems with a purchased part? Check in with GreasyMachines with your part print, annual quantity and target cost.  We will find… Read More »

Upgrading manufacturing process

GreasyMachines.com is working with a Latin American client to completely upgrade their manufacturing process. They are now making parts for cosmetic packaging by taking a pre-blanked aluminum disk and putting it through a series of individual secondary operations until the finished part is complete. They realize that an eyelet transfer press will do these operations… Read More »