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Bringing Back “Made In America” Posted by Zachary Smith , May 22, 2015 Digital Marketing Associate at ThomasNet Reposted by GreasyMachines.com June 1, 2015     With a noticeable uptick in manufacturing jobs, more buyers looking for US-based suppliers, and businesses making “Made in the USA” commitments, it’s safe to say reshoring isn’t just a trend… Read More »

Pennsylvania Home to Strongest Manufacturing Growth in Two Decades

With strong winter storms and frigid temperature dominating the headlines in Western Pennsylvania recently, we thought we’d share some news that’s a little sunnier. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has reported a tremendous surge in regional manufacturing activity – the largest growth that’s been seen since 1993. Economists, being the dour creatures that they are,… Read More »

Celebrating America’s Veterans: A Day To Remember & Give Thanks

Veteran’s Day is a very special holiday. It’s the one day when we, as a nation, come together to honor the service and commitment of our men and women in uniform. Many people don’t realize how many people dedicate their lives to protecting our country. Right now, there are nearly 20 million veterans – men… Read More »

The Ultimate Agility Trial: Responsive Manufacturers Profit Most From Sudden Demand Surges

They say there’s no cloud so dark that it doesn’t have a silver lining for somebody. That’s certainly true of the Ebola crisis. While no one’s welcoming this devastating disease, manufacturers of impermeable gowns and full-body protective suits are enjoying an unprecedented surge in demand for their products. The Associated Press reports that at least one… Read More »

Write your Congressmen Next Week

IRS Section 179 was enacted  as part of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 as stimulation for business capital equipment purchases. It allows direct deduction of capital equipment purchase rather than the former long term depreciation process. For 2013, the max deduction was $500,000.  This year, the deduction was returned to its original amount of $25,000.  On… Read More »

4 Reasons American Manufacturing Is Looking Bright

The recent celebration of National ManufacturingDay left many Americans feeling positive about the future of American manufacturing. Our domestic production has grown more rapidly than our European or Japanese competitors. The manufacturing jobs we have right now are good-paying jobs, putting, on average, $27 per hour into worker’s pockets (hourly wage is $27 per hour per… Read More »

Latest word on Section 179 for 2014

 The following information is courtesy of our friends at Intech Funding NEW! Tax Incentives for manufacturing companies for 2014 $25,000 WRITE-OFF ($1 and $101 buyout leases qualify!) For 2014 the Federal Section 179 deduction has been restored to its 2001 limit of $25,000 plus an adjustment for inflation. These limits may be adjusted by changes… Read More »

Reshoring is gaining strength

Are you thinking about the Reshoring Initiative www.reshorenow.org ? This group has been publicizing the fact that not only is bringing manufacturing back to the USA, it’s probably cost effective. Quoting from their website “Reshoring is an efficient way to reduce imports, increase exports and regain manufacturing jobs in the United States. It’s also the… Read More »

Section 179 is back – Maybe

The House has voted to reinstate the accelerated tax write-offs under Section 179 that expired 12/31/13.  This time there is no expiration.  Senate action and President Obama signature are pending.  Details reported by Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-12/house-votes-to-give-small-business-quicker-tax-writeoffs.html Contact your senator!!

Walmart’s ‘Made in USA’ push exposes strains of manufacturing rebirth

There may be bumps in the road but we are getting results in Reshoring efforts. Wal-Mart’s pressure on their vendors will be a huge incentive for manufacturers to come back home. This article written by James B. Kelleher and published by Reuters is very informative: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/06/04/us-walmart-reshoring-idUSKBN0EF0AF20140604?feedType=RSS. Walmart’s ‘Made in USA’ push exposes strains of manufacturing… Read More »