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Made in America

Bringing Back “Made In America” Posted by Zachary Smith , May 22, 2015 Digital Marketing Associate at ThomasNet Reposted by GreasyMachines.com June 1, 2015     With a noticeable uptick in manufacturing jobs, more buyers looking for US-based suppliers, and businesses making “Made in the USA” commitments, it’s safe to say reshoring isn’t just a trend… Read More »

Chinese Manufacturers May Be Cheaper in the Short Run

Perhaps you saw CBS 60 Minutes last Sunday (March 1) showing a story about some Lumber Liquidators laminated flooring and how it badly violates California formaldehyde emission standards.  The CEO of Lumber Liquidators vowed that he would be immediately on the case to verify CBS’s findings or to debunk them. Regardless of the outcome, Lumber… Read More »

Manufacturing Start Up? How GreasyMachines Can Help You

Manufacturing companies are among the most difficult to launch. Unlike many of today’s tech and service oriented start ups, a new manufacturer must make a considerable up front investment in equipment. At the same time, funding sources are relatively wary about extending significant amounts of capital to new manufacturers. GreasyMachines is a used manufacturing machinery… Read More »

Which Machining Center is Best for You? That Depends on Where You’re Located

As used manufacturing machinery brokers, we’ve been talking to and working with buyers and sellers of various types of industrial equipment for over a decade. Over those years, one thing has definitely become clear: different regions of the country have their own distinct points of view about what type of machining center is best. For… Read More »

Pennsylvania Home to Strongest Manufacturing Growth in Two Decades

With strong winter storms and frigid temperature dominating the headlines in Western Pennsylvania recently, we thought we’d share some news that’s a little sunnier. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has reported a tremendous surge in regional manufacturing activity – the largest growth that’s been seen since 1993. Economists, being the dour creatures that they are,… Read More »

Celebrating America’s Veterans: A Day To Remember & Give Thanks

Veteran’s Day is a very special holiday. It’s the one day when we, as a nation, come together to honor the service and commitment of our men and women in uniform. Many people don’t realize how many people dedicate their lives to protecting our country. Right now, there are nearly 20 million veterans – men… Read More »

4 Reasons American Manufacturing Is Looking Bright

The recent celebration of National ManufacturingDay left many Americans feeling positive about the future of American manufacturing. Our domestic production has grown more rapidly than our European or Japanese competitors. The manufacturing jobs we have right now are good-paying jobs, putting, on average, $27 per hour into worker’s pockets (hourly wage is $27 per hour per… Read More »

Participating in the Manufacturing Machinery Renaissance Requires Having the Right Machines

Matthew Philips, writing for Bloomsburg Bloomburg Businessweek, tells us that the manufacturing renaissance may not be everything it’s cracked up to be. He points out that while increasing numbers of American manufacturers are re-shoring and the production costs in the Southeastern US are attractively low, job numbers aren’t rising at the same rate. Instead, as… Read More »

Reshoring is gaining strength

Are you thinking about the Reshoring Initiative www.reshorenow.org ? This group has been publicizing the fact that not only is bringing manufacturing back to the USA, it’s probably cost effective. Quoting from their website “Reshoring is an efficient way to reduce imports, increase exports and regain manufacturing jobs in the United States. It’s also the… Read More »