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What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying a Used Machining Center

Buying a used machining center is a complex task. Machining centers are complicated machines, capable of boosting a manufacturer’s capacity exponentially.  This can allow a company to take on much larger orders than they were previously capable of – great for organizational growth and overall profitability. To make this happen, it’s essential to make wise… Read More »

A Great Deal on a Used Trumpf L4030 Laser Cutting System

We’re happy to put this Used Trumpf L4030 Laser Cutting System in the spotlight this week.  There’s a Trumpf factory just about 5 miles from our front door, and over the years, we’ve found that the manufacturing machines this company produces are really worthy of their stellar reputation: they’re top quality, dependable, reliable machines that deliver… Read More »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buying a Used Eyelet Presses

Eyelet presses are an uncommon but essential kind of manufacturing machinery. They’re used by several different industries, including ammunition manufacturing, lighting, HVAC, cosmetics and automotive. Eyelet transfer presses are the preferred solution any time you need to produce a metal part that has a long, cylindrical shape. Eyelet presses can be tooled to produce a… Read More »