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GreasyMachines.com has joined the Smaller Manufacturers Association of CT.

CNC programmers, job training, tool makers

GreasyMachines is now a 2012 member of our local Smaller Manufacturers Association here in Connecticut. We have been considering joining this organization for the past couple of years, but never felt we as machinery brokers fit in with a manufacturing association.

What made us decide to become members this year? We spoke to a few member/clients about what the SMA does for the local manufacturers. We learned there is an education committee focused on the local Tech High Schools and Tech Colleges to promote “Manufacturing Centers”. These centers will be responsible for training students to be Manufacturing Generalists. This will give students an introduction to broad skills like Blue Print reading, CNC Machining, Welding, Electrical Fabrication and some credits toward their CNC Certificate or the Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology program. One of the main goals is to hopefully grow the next generation of Tool Makers for Eyelet and Deep Draw industry, a skill set that is no longer easily found. As we all know, good Tool Makers are in demand these days. So this is really an effort in self preservation, a worth while cause for many reasons. This was the hook that drew us in to the SMA, an opportunity to help the next generation keep manufacturing alive and advancing. We plan to volunteer time to a worthy cause that will pay dividends for all of us in the future. We hope hope this inspires others to do the same wherever you are located.