Machine Brokers That Work for You

How much do you want? How soon do you need it?

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People often come to us to help sell a quality piece of machinery.  Of course they want maximum money in minimum time.  Doesn’t everybody? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

Time is your enemy.  The sooner you need your cash, the less you are likely to net.  Just like when you sell your house.

Here is the hierarchy of money:

  1. Private sale
  2. Brokered sale
  3. Auction
  4. Dealer direct buy.

Time frame is reversed.

Unless you already know someone with a bag of money to buy your machine, brokering your equipment is the best bet.  Brokers will probably get you a price better than a dealer or an auction, but it might take more time.  Although brokers aggressively market your machine, they are subject to who happens to be shopping at this moment.

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