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Info on the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

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Didn’t make it to EASTEC 2013 this May, I’ll fill you in on what you missed. There were many interesting things to see this year, but I want to focus on one thing specifically.
If you make Chips, you’ll want to pay close attention here. Are you familiar with who CCAT is? CCAT stands Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology.
They are not-for-profit specifically geared towards getting more out of your existing equipment, even if it is older. CCAT won’t come in your shop and make a recommendation you need to modernize your entire shop. Nope, they help you find ways to maximize your current machines. Their goal is to reduce your part costs so you can bid more aggressively for new work or be more profitable on existing work. Isn’t that what you want to hear, I can do more with what I already have?  Here are some of their services:
Manufacturing Services – results guaranteed
·         Machining Process Optimization – Increase material removal rate of existing CNC programs to lower cost, bid new jobs more aggressively, balance a cell, or provide additional capacity without CAPX.
·         Machining Process Development – CNC programming support for new parts – provides all the benefits of Machining Process Optimization for new jobs before they enter production – adds capacity/capability to existing programming staff – can include Solid Model creation from 2-D prints or “gold standard” part – output formats include MasterCam and Siemens NX.
·         Prototype Part Fabrication and Temporary Off-Load– produce limited quantity of parts from  designs/processes – processes available include machining (3-5 axis mill & turn), EDM (wire & sinker), laser drilling, laser ablation, and additive manufacturing (powdered metal laser deposition) – can include fixture design as required – provides surge capability and temporary auxiliary capacity to respond to unplanned surge or equipment down-time.
·         Process Evaluation – parametric or design-of-experiment (DOE) assessment of alternate cutting tools, materials, coolants, etc. without production disruption.
I want to suggest you start with a site tour of CCAT’s facility, where they will make your part in the most efficient manner then implement what they learned onto your equipment. Bob Torrani will be more than happy to host you and tell you about the client’s they have been able to help already. CCAT is located at 409 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT on the Pratt & Whitney campus. Call Bob Torrani for an appointment 860-282-4223.