Machine Brokers That Work for You

Do you know you can finance used equipment purchases?

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Come to GreasyMachines for your used machine purchases and we will connect you with sources with whom you can work. They specialize in financing or leasing used manufacturing  equipment.


They are IntechFunding.  They have been in business since 1938 and understand manufacturing equipment.  It’s their only business!




  • Great rates – All they finance is machinery. Because they specialize, they can provide better rates and terms than most banks and ‘generalist’ finance companies.
  • Machinery experts –You’ll deal with a specialist who understands the equipment and the unique needs of manufacturing companies. They’re machinery experts and you’ll work directly with decision makers who give you quick answers and immediate service.
  • Fast approvals – In most cases, they’ll approve you with a simple 5-minute credit application. And their average turnaround time is less than three hours!

They can be contacted via either of these links:

Instant Quote: http://www.intechfunding.com/index.php/greasy-machine-finance-quote/

Or if you prefer Credit Application: http://www.intechfunding.com/index.php/greasy-machine-credit-application/