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Latin American turnkey project

cosmetic packaging, cosmetics components, RunReady Turn-Key

Recently we were approached by a Latin American manufacturer who was interested in producing a variety of deep drawn metal components. They needed both transfer presses and tooling to produce the parts. In addition, their manufacturing personnel required training to operate these machines and to maintain tooling.

GreasyMachines sourced a number of eyelet presses potentially suitable for this project. We escorted our clients to inspect presses in several states. Once the appropriate transfer presses were selected for purchase, we arranged to ship one press to their home factory while the second was shipped to Connecticut where tooling was designed and manufactured.

After several weeks, prototype parts of the different configurations were made and sent to the buyer for approval. Three employees of the client’s staff were hosted in Connecticut for a week for extensive training regarding these products and machines. Pre-production runs took place for the final approval of the tooling.

At this time, the client is setting up production at their home plant and will soon be producing products for their customers.