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Manufacturing Start Up? How GreasyMachines Can Help You

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Manufacturing companies are among the most difficult to launch. Unlike many of today’s tech and service oriented start ups, a new manufacturer must make a considerable up front investment in equipment. At the same time, funding sources are relatively wary about extending significant amounts of capital to new manufacturers.

GreasyMachines is a used manufacturing machinery broker. There are several ways we can assist you in getting the equipment you need to launch your new company. If you are new to your industry, you may not be entirely certain what types of machinery you need, or how the various manufacturers of those machines compare. With over 20 years serving the manufacturing world, GreasyMachines is well positioned to advise you thoroughly and objectively. We don’t maintain any inventory of our own: our role is to connect you with people who are selling the type of machine you actually need, from the  manufacturer best suited to fulfilling your parameters.

When we talk about making the most of an equipment budget, it’s hard to beat choosing used manufacturing machinery as a cost-containment strategy. As you browse through our virtual warehouse you will see that the prices for high quality used industrial equipment are a small fraction of what this same equipment would cost new – if new equipment is even available!

Finally, let’s talk about financing. Many start ups find that their financing options are very limited. Banks are very hesitant to extend credit to fledgling manufacturers, particularly for the purchase of used manufacturing equipment. The down payment and collateral requirements can be so high that they actually keep aspiring manufacturers out of business. While GreasyMachines does not provide financing, we’re always more than happy to introduce customers to a wide range of companies that do, including those that specialize in serving the manufacturing industry. These connections can make it quicker and simpler to get the capital you need to start your new company.