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Refurbished genuine Bridgeport mills

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Most machinists agree that a refurbished Bridgeport mill is far superior to what are being sold as new machines these days.  New machines are built in the Far East and imported.

GreasyMachines can source a totally refurbished Series One, Series One or Series Two Special manual or 2 or 3-axis CNC mill for the discriminating machinist.  Choice of CNC controls such as EZ-Trak, ProtoTRAK, Centroid among others are available. A manual machine can also be fitted with 2 or 3-axis DROs.

Older machines are disassembled, inspected and brought up to former Bridgeport USA standards including rechroming, replacement of ball screws and nuts as needed, repainting classic Bridgeport gray.  Machines from pre-Textron days are usually available.

Series One

Series Two Special

Series Two

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