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Robots and the U.S. Re-Shoring Effort!

Reshoring, US economy

So have you heard about RETHINK ROBOTICS yet? No? Well then, you need to meet Baxter. I met Baxter at work this past May at EASTEC, he was hanging around the Gibson Engineering booth with Jonathon Robichaud. All the while Jonathon and I were speaking about Baxter’s abilities and benefits he dutifully continued his task at hand. As a former manufacturing guy, my initial reaction was, if this robot really works, it will just displace people. Then I put on my Assembly Managers hat and looked at Baxter through my LEAN Mfg. eyes and saw all the instances where I would have employed Baxter. Robots may not be for everyone, but it should be considered as a possible solution if you need to do more with less. For approximately half the annual salary plus benefits of (1) employee you can purchase Baxter and have it working within an hour touts the manufacturer. Some quick benefits, Baxter doesn’t need a vacation, sick day, bathroom break, lunch and best of all Baxter doesn’t smoke! Let Baxter handle the mundane chores like packing boxes for instance.

Think about this, you can stop out outsourcing costly labor prohibitive tasks. No need to use your highly trained and skilled employees to pack boxes or sort products etc. Baxter can do a number of repetitive tasks 24/7 with no complaints.

Baxter is mobile, so he can be moved to any cell, with out any time consuming reprogramming to train Baxter for a new task either. He can work along side human employees safely and in concert with other Baxters to accomplish many tasks.

There are many ways that Baxter improves your bottom line. To name a few Baxter requires no day off, no OT pay, no sick days, he doesn’t get tired, no Carpal Tunnel injuries, works any shift and can handle various temperature environments. Now you can use your employee to manage and or train Baxter to do a number of tasks. This also frees up this individual to handle other tasks or attend a Kaizen event and implement new LEAN techniques to further improve your Quality, On Time Delivery, and Efficiency.

My favorite part about Baxter, he is helping the U.S. re-shoring effort and is made 100% right here in the USA! Read that again “Made in the USA”.  Contact Gibson Engineering to find out what Baxter can do for you.