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What does “Old” mean anyway?

What does “Old” mean anyway when it comes to machinery? During a conversation with someone yesterday, something was said to me that I have heard countless times. “That is a very old machine.” In fact, I have even employed this tactic myself when purchasing used vehicles or lawn equipment for instance. However, I take issue… Read More »

Latest word on Section 179 for 2014

 The following information is courtesy of our friends at Intech Funding NEW! Tax Incentives for manufacturing companies for 2014 $25,000 WRITE-OFF ($1 and $101 buyout leases qualify!) For 2014 the Federal Section 179 deduction has been restored to its 2001 limit of $25,000 plus an adjustment for inflation. These limits may be adjusted by changes… Read More »

GreasyMachines 10th Anniversary Fundraiser

  A fundraiser for the Smaller Manufacturers Association of Connecticut scholarship fund.  August 21 2:00 to 10:00 Torrington Fish & Game 650 Weed Rd Torrington, CT 06790 A Few Details You Need To Know About This Pigeon Popping Party! To keep the Skeet & Greet safe and fun for everyone, there are a few rules… Read More »