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The Reshoring of America

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I would like to recommend a group to you.  It’s www.reshorenow.org This group was founded in 2010 by Harry Moser, former chairman of Agie-Charmilles, and is dedicated to assisting companies to reshore their manufacturing back to the US.
Their Facebook page carries links to current articles:  https://www.facebook.com/ReshoreNow.  I suggest that you like it. 
They also have a LinkedIn group which requires approval for membership. Has grown to about 850 members since its inception in 2010                                           

The Council of State Governments published this article on March 13th http://www.csg.org/pubs/capitolideas/2014_mar_apr/resurgencemanufacturing.aspx
This article also mentions that WalMart has seen the light.
George A. Anderson.  GreasyMachines.com  March 14, 2014