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Coolant Systems
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Machine ID: 3261 Click here to see machine details
Category: Coolant Systems
Machine Type: Coolant pumps
Brand Name: High Pressure Systems Company
Short Description: High Pressure Systems Magnum Series 20 coolant pump Model 13-1500TDV
Asset Description Notes: High Pressure Systems Magnum Series 20 coolant pump Model 13-1500TDV. Ideal for thru spindle coolant delivery. 13 gpm @ 1500 psi. Can support two (2) machines.
  • Safety Equipment Emergency Stop Button
  • Safety System Pressure Relief Valve (Fixed)
  • Safety Relief / Pressure Regulating Valve (Adjustable)
  • Safety Pressure Dump Valve Standard
  • Safety High Pressure Shut Down Switch
  • Safety Interface To Machine Tool Causes Slide Hold At Fault Condition
  • Over Pressure Alarm Light
  • Drive Fault Alarm Light
  • Motor Over Load Alarm Light
  • Low Charge Pressure Alarm Light
  • Low Coolant Level Alarm Light
  • Dirty Filter Alarm Light
  • Operating Pressure Gage
  • Filter Inlet Pressure Gage
  • Filter Outlet Pressure Gage
  • Main Tank Overflow Connection And Hose
  • Visual Filter Differential Indicator
  • Electric Filter Differential Pressure Switch
  • Fully Enclosed Cabinet With Acoustic Sound Deadening
  • Auto Fill Controls
  • Two (2) M-Code Controlled High Pressure Outlets
  • Accumulator For Pulsation Dampening
  • Standard 5 Micron Filtration
  • Two (2) 8" x 36" Filter Housings With Removable Bags
  • Inlet Filtration 300 Micron Standard
  • Main Tank Drain (Ball Valve Style)
  • Four (4) Isolation Feet With Leveling Adjusters
  • Laminar Flow Oil Separation
  • Filter Feed Pump
  • 220 Volt 60 HZ 3 Phase Power
  • PLC Controlled Electronics
  • 75 Gallon Main Tank
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