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Food - Beverage
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Machine ID: 3751 Click here to see machine details
Category: Food - Beverage
Machine Type: Washer
Brand Name: DOUGLAS
Short Description: Douglas SD-20 Pot, Pan, Utensil washer, 7.5HP Pump
Asset Description Notes: Douglas SD-20 Pot, Pan, Utensil washer Stainless Steel Construction All Electric 7.5 HP Wash Pump Front Loading, Spilt Door Design Usable area 26.5" D x 39" W x 26.5" H Recirculating Detergent Wash Tank Separate Fresh Water, Sanitizing Rinse Tank Automatic Water Level Controls Self-Contained Water Heating Wash times are pre-programmed at 4, 6 or 8 minutes, each is followed by a 30 second sanitizing rinse and a 60 second steam exhaust cycle. Processes Up to 10 Batches per Hour.
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