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Paper Processing
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Machine ID: 3866 Click here to see machine details
Category: Paper Processing
Machine Type: Die cutters
Short Description: ADT/Kocker + Beck 8” Sheet-fed Steel-to-Steel Rotary Die Cutting Station
Asset Description Notes: 8” Sheet-fed Steel-to-Steel Rotary Die Cutting Station for Sale. KEY COMPONENTS & FEATURES: Pick & Placer - Thiele Model 20-08 Dual Slide Plate Reciprocation Placer Die Station. ADT/Kocker + Beck 8” wide cutting surface (set for 5.5” width). Repeat 11”. Pressure Equalizer - ADT/Kocker + Beck (Suwanee). Controller - Siemens. Cutting Speed - Set for one (1) die cycle per second. Power - Runs on 1 220 connection + Air. Portability - Unit on casters and has levelers to set up. It is set up to cut sheets, but can be modified to cut roll stock into sheets or to cut roll to roll, or the components can be re-cycled into other equipment.
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