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A Great NEW WAY To Solve One VERY OLD Problem…finding, buying and selling used machinery and equipment Visit Our Virtual Warehouse

We are commissioned brokers. No money changes hands until a sale takes place – a sale that satisfies both seller and buyer. As brokers, we earn a commission from each party.
We make buying and selling easy with one click at http://www.greasymachines.com/
All of our sales reps have years of experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers and their processes. By nature of their jobs, our reps are in constant contact with hundreds of machinery users. If a company is sitting on idle machinery – or is looking for a particular machine – it’s a pretty good bet the word gets around.Placing dealer and corporate inventories in one convenient site – Greasymachines.com – is a completely new and exciting environment for buying and selling new and used equipment…
Until Now CorporateSurplus Inventories were never visible or went directly to dealers.
Greasymachines.com enables: Sellers to market surplus equipment for free on the world wide web to a targeted audience; Buyers to purchase at fair market value directly from the seller.
We have already earned the confidence and trust of a great many companies that make up Corporate America and International industries. We look forward to earning yours today.
Plus,we can provide:
Condition Reports A field specific technician will inspect and document the condition of any asset for either buying or selling purposes.
Buying? View our extensive inventory listings of pre-owned machinery and equipment or we will help you find exactly what you want at fair market price.

Selling? Give us your authorization to market your surplus machinery and equipment assets and we’ll find a buyer willing to pay fair market value for them.

Financing or leasing We have a wide array of financing providers to meet your financial needs. Go to our website for a quick estimate of monthly payments.
Machine Rigging Services We will contract out all rigging and transportation services to insured and bonded specialists.
Warehousing Services We will locate space for those who need to store machinery for any length of time, providing the proper environment and lease it to the customer.
Our Mission is to be the world’s largest gathering of new and used equipment for sale by either private individuals, the corporate community or equipment dealers.

To Make This A Reality, GreasyMachines.com will provide users with unparalleled services and a new approach that enables companies world wide to list their surplus inventory in the open used equipment market for all consumers to view and select.
Continue our 10-year history as an industry leading service provider.
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