Machine Brokers That Work for You

Why Work With an Equipment Broker?

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Reputable machine brokers are able to find almost any machine you need. Remember that their primary interest is in you, the customer. They have no warehouse full of cold iron in which they have invested big bucks. A dealer has a vested interest in selling his inventory in order to turn over his inventory. He is probably less interested in what you need than in convincing you to buy his property.
On the other hand, a broker may well be aware of millions of dollars of machinery that is for sale by their owner. We list these pieces in what we call our used equipment catalog. If one of these items suits your needs, all well and good. If not we will endeavor to find something closer to what you need. It makes absolutely no financial difference to us.

Our goal is your satisfaction so you will be back. Whether you are buying or selling an item that is now surplus to your present operation, we want you to think first of GreasyMachines.